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Car StorageFrequently Asked Questions

How much notice do I need to give before accessing my vehicle?
Ideally 24 hours but if it is possible we will do it, it’s simple.

Can I take my car out of storage for short or even day trips?
Yes, we encourage owners to use their motor cars as frequently as possible and will always try to accommodate individual needs.

What is the minimum or maximum storage period permitted?
There is no minimum or maximum storage period but there is a minimum charge which equates to 3 months storage.

Who will have access to my car whilst it is in storage?
Only staff of Morgan Whaley Restorations Ltd. will have access to your motor car. Unaccompanied access is not permitted.

How secure are your premises?
The storage facility is securely locked and alarmed with police response, the building area is covered by security lighting and CCTV.

What about storage of personal items, may I leave them in the car?
Personal items may be left in the car but we suggest that you remove any valuables. All food and perishable items will be removed prior to storage. We do not keep a log of personal items.

Where are my keys kept whilst the car is in store?
Your keys are stored separately and securely whilst your car is in store.

Can you explain the insurance arrangements whilst my car is in storage?
Each client is responsible for insuring their motor car for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst the motor car is in storage. You should notify your insurer or insurance adviser that the vehicle is in secure storage with Morgan Whaley Restorations Ltd.

What about your own insurance?
The business is covered by a full Motor Trader Insurance policy.

Are you able to deliver my car to an airport or other venue such as Goodwood?
Yes, we are able to arrange delivery/pick-up almost anywhere in the area including the ports of Newhaven, Southampton and Portsmouth. We would require some notice and is less critical if you have chosen the “premium” package as we will know that your motor car is in immediate running order.

Are you able to service my car or obtain MOTs or SORNs?
Yes, we have a fully equipped workshop on site and can maintain all regulatory documentation requirements whilst your motor car is in storage as required.

What happens if I am delayed returning my motor car to secure storage?
If you wish to extend the period you wish to use your motor car just telephone and let us know.

Contact us on 01903 856984 to discuss your requirements

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